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Eleven Divers • Undici Strolaghe

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Eleven Divers • Undici Strolaghe
Black-throated Divers • Särna, Dalarna, Sweden, September 2020

I was on the shore of Särna lake to shoot some low willow bushes I’ve noticed the day before; surely not for the lake or the view, let alone the birds, which I didn’t even see at first. Only when I heard some calls I realised they were there, but I wasn’t able to identify them from the distance. So I took a quick shot just to review it at home and know what was there (black-throated divers, an iconic species here in the North, and among my favorite winged beings). Ironically enough, it turned out much better than the willows one, and better yet in a black and white interpretation which well conveys the feeling of the moody weather.

click to enlarge the image and count the divers ;-)

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