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Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Spring Pasque Flower, Särna, Dalarna, Sweden. May 2020
Spring Pasque Flower, Särna, Dalarna, Sweden. May 2020

Wild flowers are among the few things I’ve always missed here in Sweden (apart from good food, of course), at least in the area where I live, not blessed with the right kind of soil for them as other regions are (Lapland, to name one). In this time of the year, above all, when you are just coming out of winter longing for colors and spring sensations, the lack of them almost hurts… consider that, when I was in Italy, April and May for me was about lying down on dry meadows among seas of wild orchids collecting shots… and ticks.

Now, every single year I feel myself bound to pay a visit to the lone species blooming now, the Spring Pasque Flower, and time after time it gets increasingly difficult to get a fresh look at it. This time, more by chance than anything else to be honest, I’ve tried a kind of dreamy approach which I don’t rely on often, which somehow turned out agreeable though; equally by chance, no doubt about that.

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